Ballistic Movements

Ballistic Movements


My mission

I want to give you the Physical Freedom you once enjoyed in your youth, prove to you that you may be more athletic now than you thought possible, and show you how to maintain it in as little as 90 minutes a week.

As an Exercise Efficiency and Performance coach, I work with First Responders, military, retired military and any non-military that have limited time and yearn to be more Energetic, Fit, and Physically Healthy beyond their age.

If you are struggling with a lack of energy, increasing body fat, and have noticed a decrease in your mobility, I can help!

If you are in decent physical shape and want to take your training to the next level, I can help!

No matter you physical abilities you will learn to move your body more effectively and efficiently, which will lead to your ability to work harder in a shorter amount of time; giving you the results you are looking for in as little as three 30 minute sessions a week.

You WILL get the results you seek, and you WILL start to feel and move 10 to 20 years younger, even before you have completely transformed your body into the athletic machine it was meant to be.

About Ruben

I’m an ex-paratrooper (82nd Airborne) and 1990 Gulf War Veteran who has supported the military since 1989. I’m an expert at coaching you to new levels of performance while helping you achieve the fitness level of your youth and beyond.

Unlike most other trainers…..I have been in the trenches. I’ve helped many active duty and retired military reach new levels of physical fitness…. with improvement in as little as two weeks!

As a result all the current soldiers and retired military personal I have trained are now more physically capable and perform better than they thought possible …… which in turn may keep them out of HARM’S WAY!