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Parkour at the BAM Academy

Since its inception in the late 1980’s the discipline of Parkour has grown tremendously from it’s humble beginnings in the streets of France. Even the methods of teaching this discipline have improved so much. What would take days and weeks to teach, can now be done in a few well structured sessions. With YouTube and other forms of media, the popularity of this movement has grown past anyone's original expectations.

So, what is Parkour?

Parkour is a movement based training discipline that arose from ideas of challenge, exploration, adaptation, and physical and mental functionality. At it’s core, Parkour is comprised of training to overcome any obstacle in one’s path, or to cross any terrain, as quickly and efficiently as possible using only one’s physical abilities.

Since our humble beginnings 4+ years ago, the BAM Academy has taught hundreds of youth & adults to move better, and during this time we have learned so much. One thing we have not shared in the past has been some of the reasons we practice this discipline and what we are passionate about. With our new curriculum we hope to better emphasize some of the Parkour philosophy we believe in.

Members can test into the next level during open gym times including Saturday and Sunday.

"Strength through Movement"

Level 1: Body

Level 1 focuses on the basic physical aspects of parkour. This includes an introduction to safety, a variety of basic parkour movements, and general body awareness. Students at this level get an overview of what it takes to become a traceur (parkour practitioner).

Level 1 skills include:

  • Rolling and landing
  • Jumping and vaulting
  • Functional warm-ups and cool downs

Duration: 4 lessons + Review

Level 2: Mind

Level 2 builds on the principles taught in level 1 by adding mental strength to the physical abilities taught. By combining mind and body training we seek to give students a holistic training experience.

Level 2 skills include:

  • Wall runs
  • Wall Tacs
  • Climbing
  • Basic Bar skills
  • Flow

Duration: 7 lessons + Review

“Work hard stay humble”

Level 3: Heart

Level 3 takes parkour training to the next level. We seek to create not just strong movers but strong personalities. At this level we concentrate on team training to foster social bonds and camaraderie.

Level 3 skills include (but not limited to):

  • Advanced vaults (Dash, Cat Pass)
  • Advanced rolling and landing (From height, crane landing)
  • Advanced bar skills (Jump to swing, precision landing)
  • Advanced wall skills (Dynamic top outs, level cat)

Level 4: Spirit

As the students’ movements become more and more challenging there is also a need to develop internally. Along with the teamwork fostered in the previous level, students at this level learn to become independent practitioners. Why are you training?

“Be strong to be useful”

Level 5: Community

As students master their own practice of the discipline we encourage them to then look out to the world around them. We also like students to join us in general volunteering activities.